What the Cluck

Development and my role

During my minor at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart, Germany, I worked on this project with 26 other students. I worked as engineer on a variety of gameplay mechanics for the game. (mostly in blueprints and a little bit C++). For example the Pickup ability for picking up the main object, the throwing ability, the catching ability but also the animation states and transitions between animations for all the characters.


Tools used:
Unreal Engine 4, blueprints & C++

Half a year

Team Size:


One of the many challanges

Technical challenge

One of the challenges I had with developing this quest prototype was the following:
I was responsible for a few of the major mechanics in the game, this was picking up chickens, throwing and catching them.
I had to come up with a way to always pick up the chicken that was closest to me.

The solution

I came up with the solution of a pickup hit box in front of the player.

The only difference with this hit box and a normal hit box is that the one I made/ used checked for possible pickups every frame of the game.

(This is resource intensive, and I would have liked to do in another way, but my team and me saw no other solution for the problems we otherwise faced).

I came up with this solution trough a lot of rapid pototyping different ways of implementation and testing.

Making the box check every frame for possible pickups made it possible to update the closest chicken every frame. This was handy because it was possible that suddenly someone throws a chicken at you, and you had to be able to catch it if it was closer to you than any other chicken. It also made it possible to let the chickens walk around freely, now a chicken could walk into the box out of nowhere and you would be able to pick it up if it was the chicken closest to you.


The game

“What the Cluck” is a 4 vs 4 split screen, local co-op, multiplayer game. The main goal is to conquer the enemies territory.  This goal can be achieved by carrying the main object of the game, which is in this case a small chicken, to different targets on the map called barns. The team that trows enough chickens into the barn captures it. Now it starts producing even bigger chicken, which capture other barns and the enemies territory even faster!  The core mechanics of the game include the ability to carry and throw the main object, improve the main object, to take the opposing bases and some different character-bound special abilities.