During the development of Reign of terror i dived into quests/ quest systems and their underlying logic.
For this game we wanted a nonlinear quest system. The teacher who gave the course said it was an interesting topic since it is not really common for games to have non linearity.
I first started with looking at modern games like The Witcher 3 Wildhunt from CD Project Red and Horizon Zero Dawn from Guerrilla games to see how the quest systems of those games worked.
After my research was done i started on setting up the requirements of our own system, which were because of the limited development time and resources, practically the same as in every simple RPG, and the way that Guerrilla Games set it up for their game Horizon Zero Dawn.
We had the following goals:
-Talk to someone
-Find an object
-Kill a monster

But luckily with these three main goals, we were able to create the core of our quest system.
If you want to learn more about quests in games, how they work, how they are being developed and what possibilities you have for your own game. I’d really recommend to watch the following video from the GDC 2017 where Guerrilla Games’ Leszek Szczepanski explains how Guerrilla Games tackled sidequests and open-world activities in Horizon: Zero Dawn, by creating a quest system which has non-linearity at its base.


If you’re interested you can of course always take a look at my own design!
Everything from my non linear quest design is described in the following document!

Check out the Design Document!