Dino Fence

The enemies are at your gate...

Development and my role

During my internship at Team6 Game Studios I worked on one of their VR prototypes Dinofence.
I played an important role in the development for the first prototype of the product, by doing level design and the setup and implementation of the virtual reality mechanics of the first prototype.
(I did not work on this project till release!)

Released on the following platforms:
PC, Steam VR & Oculus rift

Tools used:
Unity 3D

Technical artist

One of the many challanges

Technical challenge

One of the challenges I had with developing this quest prototype was the following:

I had almost no prior experience with VR game development. So I had to figure out how to design and program the controls of a VR game. (especially for the HTC VIVE motion controllers).

The solution

Getting the design right took me some iterations.
Since I developed the prototype to work with the HTC VIVE motion controllers, everything felt way more physical.
This made me developer different prototypes which showd diferent ways of interaction with both the weapons and the motion controllers.

In the end we chose one of those prototypes based on the feeling of the interaction.
I also came up with my own controller script for this interaction.