Gameplay Programmer & Game Designer
Skilled  in C# and C++ programming and visual / graph-based scripting tools like blueprints. With 4 years of experience developing games for pc, mobile and console. Proficient and comfortable with the Unity and Unreal Engine.
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Games I’ve worked on

Chasers of Time (Unreal engine 4 & c++)

(In full development)

Chasers of Time is a mid-core mobile endless runner game being developed for Android & IOS.
The player’s goal is to run as far as possible, collect coins, upgrades, special items and in the end, reach the highest score possible.

There are a lot of endless running games on the market, and I am trying to innovate in this genre by adding new gameplay mechanics and game systems. Like a combat system, character customization, character progression and narrative.

A big feature of the game are the different time points in which you can play. You, the player live in a time where time travel has been invented and you can travel back and forth in time. Via this mechanic, the player can run through different worlds/ settings: Cyberpunk, Pirates, Samurai, Medival, western, viking and other time periods.

*This game is actively under development

Platform: Android & IOS

Tools used: Unreal engine 4

Duration: In development

Team Size: 2

Role: Game Designer, UI Designer, UI programmer, Game programmer.

Space game X (Dogfihting and racing, Unity & C#)

(Development on hold)

An online SIFI space multiplayer game where players can battle each other alone or in teams in dangerous dogfights, compete in races to see who is the fastest. And explore a small universe together or alone.
The main mechanics of the game are flying your ship around and shooting laser bullets, missiles and firing other weapons like EMP’s. Buying upgrades in the hangar to improve your ship’s stats and completing challenges to earn achievements. experience and gold.

*The development of this game is still on going, so it’s not a finished project

Platform: PC

Tools used: Unity 3D

Duration: In development

Team Size: 2

Role: Game designer, UI designer, UI programmer & Gameplay programmer

TO The Core (Unity & C#)

(part time in development)

A casual mobile game where going deepest puts you highest.

To The Core is a mobile game where you as a player have to dig as deep as possible with your mining machine. You mine different ores and gain money. Using these resources to buy upgrades for your mining machine so that you can go even deeper.

Platform:  Android, IOS

Tools used: Unity 2D

Duration: In development

Team Size: 4

Role: Gameplay programmer, UI Programmer, UI Designer & Game Designer.

DinoFense (VR game, Unity & c#)

(Released on December 24, 2016)

During my internship at Team6 Game Studios I worked on one of their VR prototypes Dinofence.
I played an important role in the development for the first prototype of the product, by doing level design and the setup and implementation of the virtual reality mechanics of the first prototype.
(I did not work on this project till release!)

Platform: PC, Steam VR & Oculus rift

Tools used: Unity 3D

Role: Technical Designer

Non-linear quest system (Unreal engine 4 & Blueprints)

During my minor at the HdM (Hochschule der Medien) Stuttgart we had to take a look at existing games, analyze them and pick one system/mechanic from a game and develop it. For this we took a deeper look at the quest and dialogue/conversation system of the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt from CD Projekt Red and Horizon Zero Dawn from Guerillia Games.
In the end we designed our own dialogue and non linear quest system based on those games.

Platform:  PC

Tools used: Unreal Engine 4

Duration: half a year (further development of the game is on hold)

Team Size: 2

Role: Game designer & Gameplay programmer

What the cluck (Unreal engine 4, Blueprints & c++)

During my minor at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart, Germany, I worked on this project with 26 other students.
“What the Cluck” is a 4 vs 4 split screen, local co-op, multiplayer game. The main goal is to conquer the enemies territory.  This goal can be achieved by carrying the main object of the game, which is in this case a small chicken, to different targets on the map called barns. The team that trows enough chickens into the barn captures it. Now it starts producing even bigger chicken, which capture other barns and the enemies territory even faster!  The core mechanics of the game include the ability to carry and throw the main object, improve the main object, to take the opposing bases and some different character-bound special abilities.
I worked as engineer on a variety of gameplay mechanics for the game. (mostly in blueprints and a little bit C++). For example the Pickup ability for picking up the main object, the throwing ability, the catching ability but also the animation states and transitions between animations for all the characters.

Platform: PC, PS4

Tools used: Unreal Engine 4, blueprints & C++

Duration: Half a year

Team Size: 27

Role: Engineer

Road Rage (Unreal engine 4, Blueprints & c++)

Team6 Game Studios

(Released on November 14, 2017)

During my internship at Team6 Game Studios I worked on their title Road Rage.
My work varied from particle design and implementation, mission design and implementation to level design and the scripting of smaller blueprint systems within the Unreal engine.

Platform:  PC, Xbox one and PS4

Tools used: Unreal Engine 4

Duration: Half a year

Team Size: 20

Role: Technical artist, VFX Designer, Level/ Mission Designer

My Traits


I always work with tight deadlines to keep myself motivated. I apply scientific knowledge and insights where I can and I always strive to deliver quality.


I have 4 years of experience developing games. With strong skills in C#, C++  and  visual / graph-based scripting tools like blueprints. I’ve worked on different titles for different platforms: PC, Console, mobile and VR games. The Unity and Unreal engine are my main tools for developing games. I have also worked a lot with Android studio for the development of multiple android apps.


I am always on the lookout for new things to learn and experience. I always try to innovate and improve upon the game design decisions I make and the implementation of game systems, features and mechanics I develop.


I have worked in teams with people from other disciplines in the game development process. Achieving results in the most efficient and effective way possible is what I strive for with the people that I work with. I really like it to encourage and motivate my team members and just have a positive ambiance within my group.


I love to tackle problems in new and creative ways. From a personal as well as a professional point of view, creativity has always been a key in my life for achieving my goals.


I love the work I do. Ever since my childhood I dreamed of developing games. I am a passionate game developer and gamer. I am always on the lookout for the next big AAA or indie title to play, analyze and learn from.

LevelOfHapiness += 1;

Technology is always evolving and the skills and abilities I have today as a programmer wil likely be outdated within a few years. Because of that I am always trying to follow the latest trends and learn new things whenever I can. 

Creating code is not the only part of programming. Strong debugging skills are in my tool-set as well. When software does not work as expected, I always aim to get to the root of the problem quickly and effectively.

Programming is what I love to do. I am always working on personal projects in my free time and making sure that my knowledge is up to part.



I have 2 years of experience with programming in C++. I started learning it trough developing simple console applications and developing in the Unreal Engine. I am currently working on a mobile title developed in Unreal with a combination of C++ and Blueprints.


I learned C# during multiple courses at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. I have worked on multiple projects in the Unity Game engine to implement game systems and mechanics with C#.


Java was the first programming language I learned. I mostly used it to implement features for android applications via Android Studio.